Plastic Recycling Granulation Machine TM-GDM004 - TEK PLASTİK MAKİNE
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Plastic Recycling Granulation Machine TM-GDM004

Plastic Recycling Granulation Machine

All kinds of engineering plastics such as HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS, PS etc. you need are suitable for the recycling of film and rigid materials. Complex plastic recycling granulator lines in different capacities are included in the production program of our company as per the requirement from top or side.

Our plastic recycling extruders are manufactured to CE standards.

Our extruders used for the production of different types of plastics are manufactured in such a way as to provide the most suitable solution for the customer's needs. Our special design screw-caps are produced considering the general characteristics of the raw material to be used.

The hive is manufactured from 8550 material and hardened by long-term gas nitration. It is produced from bimetelik as well.

Our resistances are ceramics and restrict electricity consumption.

These products are CE certified according to the international standards we use on the control panel.

Depending on demand, PLC extruders can be made by touch.

Our plastic granule extruder product range Ø100 mm can produce high efficiency extruders up to Ø170 mm screw diameter and offer to our customers.

Complex recycling lines for recycling waste plastics are designed in yields that our customers desire.