Plastic Pipe Machine Single Screw Extruder TM-TVE015 - TEK PLASTİK MAKİNE
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Plastic Pipe Machine Single Screw Extruder TM-TVE015

Plastic Pipe Machine Single Screw Extruder

Plastic pipe extruder machine is manufactured in accordance with CE standard. Extruder machines used for the production of different kind of plastics are manufactured to offer the most suitable solution to customer needs.

Our specially designed screws and bushes are manufactured considering the general characteristics of the raw material to be used.

Screws & bushes are manufactured from 8550 material and hardened by gas nitration for a long time.

Our heating resistances are ceramics and restrict electricity consumption.

These products are CE certified according to the international standards we use on the control panel.

Depending on demand, our plastic pipe extruders can be made by PLC touch.

Our plastic pipe & extruder product range Ø26 mm captain can produce high efficiency extruders up to Ø150 mm screw diameter and offer to our customers.