Aluminum Profile Packing Machine Line TM-APP023 - TEK PLASTİK MAKİNE
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Aluminum Profile Packing Machine Line TM-APP023

Aluminum Profile Packing Machine Line

Our aluminium profile packaging machine line which we produce is specially designed to minimize the need for the elements in the packing section of the companies.

Our aluminum packaging machine lines that we produce in 3 different models enable our customers to make faster and more trouble-free packaging and palletizing, reducing their costs.

Our fully automatic lines can work with different packaging materials (stretch film, PE or paper) and can reach up to 40 meters per minute of operating speed.

Aluminum profile Our packaging lines can be synchronized to shrink lines while working as a separate line.

Depending on the production requirements of our customers, the palletizing and pallet stretching unit can be added to the machine after packaging of the profiles.

Full automatic line without touching hand;

  • Stacking tips,
  • High speed packaging,
  • Automatic banding and tearing,
  • Automatic pallet stacking,

operations with one operator.

Your machine can be manufactured differently according to your order and production system.

Long profile wrapping solution.Vertical palet stretch wrapping machine.Automated packing lines for pipe tube and profiles.Aluminium packaging machine.

Aluminum Profile Packing Machine Line

Aluminum Profile Packing Machine Line