Plastic Pipe Machine Line TM-MH018 - TEK PLASTİK MAKİNE
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Plastic Pipe Machine Line TM-MH018

Plastik Boru Makinesi

We manufacture complex extrusion plastic pipe lines for the production of a variety of plastic pipes in accordance with international standards and taking into account customer needs.
Our pipelines we produce provide you with the finest quality pipe, the lowest production cost and the shortest time possible.

In our plastic pipe machine line, you can manage the entire production from a single control panel, or adjust the desired settings individually for each stage of production. This gives you the ability to dominate as many machines and units as you like in the production process.

With years of experience and experience, our company which combines high efficiency and reasonable costs in extruder and front line equipments is always quality based in production.
Our company offers solutions for the production of plastic-based pipes with a wide range of applications.

  • PE Pipe machine lines.
  • PP pipe machine lines.
  • PPR-C Pipework lines.
  • 3 Layer PPRC & Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipe Machine.
  • PVC Pipe Line.
  • Koruge Pipe Line.

Plastic Pipe Makinesi Line Units:

  • Tractor with tape.
  • Chain Attractor.
  • Co-Extruder.
  • Extruder.
  • Head and Molds.
  • Cutting Unit.
  • Wrapper.
  • Filter.