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About TEK Plastic Machinery

Our company was established in 1970 and started manufacturing in plastic machinery sector. One Plastic Machinery, specialized in plastic machinery in Turkey, has many years of experience and knowledge to.

With the advantages of engineering infrastructure, TEK Plastik Machinery has produced products in German and Italian machine giants qualities and productivity measures, and has established many production lines both at home and abroad. With its technical infrastructure and deep experience in "extrusion", it provides solutions to the leading companies in the sector. Our company, which has always held the pioneer in the sector, is rightfully proud to have realized many firsts.

TEK Plastik Machinery Industry has been accepted as one of the most reliable and preferred companies in the field of plastic machinery and has adopted management and quality policy in this direction. It strengthens its image that it has in quality and service day by day, strengthens its knowledge and experience with AR-GE investments that it continuously increases and contributes to the development of the sector and the country's economy. Lately, especially with the importance given to exports, more and more countries have established production bands every day and adopted the mission of being a pioneer in quality and service.

SINGLE Plastic Machinery; By following the innovations and the latest technologies in the sector, by continuously improving itself and working with a team spirit, as a vision of integrating into the global world in the knowledge of the local values ​​it has.

TEK Plastic Machinery; With its expert, experienced and disciplined staff, it has been a principle to offer the best quality products and services to its customers since its foundation. In line with this principle: To design products that exceed the expectations of our customers by constantly following the standards of the world's technologies; To provide reliable products to customers in a timely manner in accordance with the most favorable price, highest quality and legislation; We continue to work and produce to provide timely and precise technical support before and after sales so that our products can be serviced continuously and smoothly.